NCJT – Week #2 & World Ranking Explained

Today is the deadline to avoid late fees for the Manakiki tournament on Wednesday, June 14. Enter before midnight to avoid the late fee. Also, please note that the WRJS #2 add-on is available for all players participating in both Manakiki and Signature of Solon. WRJS is our World Ranking Junior Series and this is where junior golfers earn a world ranking to get noticed by college coaches. Don’t underestimate this huge advantage you have when playing in NCJT events.

Become a World Ranked player on NCJT

College golf is the end goal for a lot of junior golfers and we try to make our tournament platform the perfect junior tour to achieve that goal. The junior golf world rankings hosted by the Junior Golf Scoreboard is the #1 place a college coach will look to evaluate a player. The good news for NCJT players is that 75% of the world ranking formula is geared toward what we offer on our tour; a players tournament score (65%) and tournament finish (10%), both of which are achieved anytime you play in one of our 36 hole competitions (the “WRJS events”). The last 25% of a players world ranking is based on “strength of field”, so the more highly ranked players that play in our competitions the better this percentage of the overall formula improves. If you have any notion of playing college golf, then you’ll want to focus on playing in our WRJS events. We have 6 WRJS events in 2023 and you’ll need a minimum of 4 on a rolling 12 month calendar year to get and stay ranked. There are very few junior tours/associations that offer a steady series of world ranking events in Ohio like we do, so please take advantage of our great offers to reach your college golf goal.

Four of our WRJS events are add-on events. Which means you must first be entered into both single day events that make up the WRJS event, then you can add the WRJS add-on for $12. Example: WRJS #2 KikiSol, if you enter both Manakiki ($68) and Signature of Solon ($68), then you become eligible to add the WRJS #2 KikiSol event ($12). World ranking events must be at least 36 hole competitions and that is the reason we have eight of our single day events paired to meet the 36 hole minimum.

WRJS Events:

  • WRJS #1 – LittlePun (Add-On)
  • WRJS #2 – KikiSol (Add-On)
  • WRJS #3 – MillPine (Add-On)
  • WRJS #4 – Sand Ridge Junior I (36 holes competition, no add-on)
  • WRJS #5 – CharLake (Add-On)
  • WRJS #6 – Tour Championship (36 holes competition, no add-on)

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