Pace of Play – NEW RECORD

3 Hours and 20 minutes is a NEW ALL-TIME RECORD for NCJT

One of the missions of the North Coast Junior Tour is to create tournament players out of the junior golfers that play on tour. To become a real tournament player is to know and practice good “Spirit of the Game” procedures and efficiencies. When all of our tournament players a up to speed and playing with these Spirit of the Game traits we start to achieve amazing Pace of Play results. We measure the pace of the field by the last pairings time, which means everyone ahead of them had to do equally as good or better on pace of play.

This week had two great achievements in pace of play. First, at Little Mountain on Wednesday, July 15, we recorded a 3 hour and 52 minute time for the last group of the day (the 10:30 AM group). Then on Thursday, July 16 at Black Brook we set a new all-time record of 3 hours and 20 minutes for the last group of the day (the 10:10am group), they finish at 1:30 pm on the button. Our prior record was 3 hours and 38 minutes at Pine Ridge in 2013.

Breaking the 4 hour mark is common on NCJT, last year we did it 6 times. In 2020, we have two back to back events under the 4 hour mark and we expect to see a few more over the last 4 tournament rounds of the season. Any time we break 4 hours all the players at the next event receive the “Skittles for Skidaddlers” award (a pack of Skittles).

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