3 Hours 39 minutes at Madison

NCJT players are moving along these days. We had another fast pace at Madison CC today. 3 hours and 39 minutes was the official pace of the last pairing in the field. Which means all groups ahead played at least as fast. Congratulations to the entire field and the reward is another “Skittles for Skiddaddlers” day tomorrow at Chardon Lakes. Everyone at the Chardon Lakes event will receive the Skittles reward. It’s a pay it forward type reward!

Playing at a good pace helps players get into a good rhythm, a good frame of mind and eliminates negative thoughts. Those are all good traits for playing better golf. This also means players are anticipating and thinking ahead, which leads to a higher level of focus. Rhythm and focus usually produce great results; better shots and improved scoring. Keep it up NCJT!

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