NCJT Results – Pine Ridge (June 18th)

North Coast Junior Tour – Pine Ridge + Mini
6/18/2020 – Pine Ridge Country Club
Par 71, 5952 Yards

Dominik Cosic gets his second win of the season even with a first hole double bogey. The first hole is a driveable par 4 with a high level of risk and reward. Dominik comes to #1 and takes the challenge and goes for the green and his ball goes on a 90 second adventure after he hit it. The ball lands on the cart path next to the green and bounces 40 feet into the air and lands on Ridge Road and it continues to bounce. It takes 30 seconds for it to reach the top of the hill up towards the Heinens, before it reverses directions (which is about 130 yards pass the green at this point). Now it starts back down the hill on Ridge Road towards the green. Its bobbling along slow and almost stops when a passing jeep hits it and its back to bouncing and heading to the green side of the road. It ends up coming down the hill passing the green and ends up about 40 yards short of the green on the road and Out of Bounds, but the ball had one heck of an adventure for about 90 seconds ( maybe the longest shot to come to rest in golf history). Once Dominik reached his ball in the road and Mr. Milam told him the whole 90 second adventure story, Dominik said ” Not Bad for the first swing of the day”. Dominik played the next 17 holes in one over par with 2 birdies. Connor Hedrick and Wyatt Chapman tied for second with 76’s.

Boys 16-19
Dominik Cosic, 2023, Painesville, OH 38-36–74
Connor Hedrick, 2021, Painesville, OH 40-36–76
Wyatt Chapman, 2020, Mentor , OH 41-35–76
Grant Mylen, 2021, Cleveland Hts., OH 38-39–77
Connor Keefe, 2022, Highland Hts, OH 44-36–80
Matt Blumenthal, 2022, Beachwood, OH 42-40–82
Jackson Stover, 2022, Pepper Pike, OH 43-40–83
Peyton O’Keefe, 2022, Moreland Hills, OH 44-39–83
Tyler Schwenk, 2021, Eastlake, OH 44-41–85
Ryan Chipps, 2022, Painesville, OH 45-41–86
Jacob Potts, 2021, Parma, OH 46-40–86
Domenic Pilla, 2022, Highland Heights, OH 47-40–87
Zachary Ashba, 2022, Jefferson, OH 44-44–88
Quinn Petersen, 2022, Chardon, OH 40-48–88
Ayden Richmond, 2022, Geneva, OH 43-45–88
Jack Spiegle, 2022, cleveland, OH 49-43–92
Tyler Griebel, 2021, PAINESVILLE, OH 46-48–94
Cullan Jackson, 2022, Painesville, OH 47-49–96
Alex Lavin, 2021, Chesterland, OH 50-50–100
Kole Opalko, 2022, Rock Creek , OH 54-50–104

Sachin Singh wins his second event of the year with a 79. Sachin struggled to make any birdies and carded a double bogey on hole 5, along with 11 pars for his round. James O’neil finished in 2nd with an 83, who had 3 double bogeys in his round . Vince Giancola finished 3rd with a 86.

Boys 15&U
Sachin Singh, 2023, Shaker Heights, OH 41-38–79
James O’Neill, 2023, Beachwood, OH 43-40–83
Vince Giancola, 2023, University Hts, OH 45-41–86
Tyler Sauric, 2023, Eastlake, OH 47-40–87
Ian Sullivan, 2023, Orange Village, OH 47-40–87
Charlie Tzefronis, 2024, Pepper Pike, OH 49-42–91
Alex Mylen, 2023, Cleveland Hts , OH 50-45–95
Joshua Furman, 2023, Jefferson, OH 49-49–98
Timmy Fitzpatrick, 2025, Shaker Heights, OH 49-50–99
Matthew McCormac, 2023, Shaker Heights, OH 55-44–99
Vince Mandato, 2023, Eastlake, OH 51-50–101
Cole Webster, 2023, Gates Mills, OH 51-51–102
Connor Valaitis, 2023, Eastlake, OH 62-45–107
Gianni Fedeli, 2025, Highland Heights, OH 56-54–110
Mason Martina, 2025, Parma Hts, OH 61-59–120

Aubrie Rush wins her first tournament of the year with a 83. Aubrie had 3 birdies for the day, along with 2 double bogies. Aubrie and Ella Wong were neck and neck from start to finish until Aubrie birdied hole 17 to take the lead. Ella Wong finished in 2nd place with a 85, where she struggled to get anything going during her round. Kate Peterson finished in 3rd with a 94.

Girls 19&U
Aubrie Rush, 2023, Avon, OH 44-39–83
Ella Wong, 2023, Pepper Pike, OH 43-42–85
Kate Petersen, 2023, Chardon, OH 46-48–94
Chloe Steger, 2021, Chagrin Falls, OH 54-49–103
Cristina Joseph, 2022, Moreland Hills, OH 57-50–107

Aiden Curtis wins the second ever Mini Tour event by shooting a 53. Aiden made a great par on the par 5 sixth hole. Jaxson Trebets came in 2nd place with a 61.

Mini Tour 12&U
Aiden Curtis, 2028, Mentor, OH 53—53
Jaxson Trebets, 2031, Chesterland, OH 61—61

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