NCJT captures the 21st
annual Joe Haase Cup

WOW, what a big win yesterday at Firestone CC for the North Coast Junior Tour. The Northern Ohio PGA Juniors were dethroned yesterday, after 5 straight Cup wins. We knew our team was strong and that we had good odds, but to finally pull off the big win was just incredible. There were so many key matches that we’re not going to list them all, but here’s the recap of the last 10 minutes before the Cup was captured. The score was 27 for Northern Ohio PGA and 22 for NCJT. NCJT had three matches left on the course (each worth 2 points for the winner). Zander Gibson was dormie with 4 to play, Robert Kimmel was dormie with 2 to play and Nick Longano was dormie with one to play. All three won their matches within a minute or two of each other and the scoreboard flip to 28 for NCJT and 27 for NOPGA. The entire room of North Coast players and spectators exploded with joy as the final posting was announced at the main scoreboard. What a great win for NCJT!

Joe Haase Cup – Results

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