Welcome New Sponsor – Lake Health

The North Coast Junior Golf Tour is excited to welcome Lake Health as a tour sponsor. Lake Health is a leader in community health care in Northeast Ohio. As the largest employer in Lake County, they offer a comprehensive network of 600 dynamic physicians, 3,000 health care professionals, almost 1,000 volunteers at more than 16 facilities throughout the region.

Lake Health also offers two unique golf programs:

Golden Age of Golf Program – This program helps older adults develop greater flexibility, range of motion and quality of movements. It also promotes better balance and power.

Pro Image Golf Program – A program that combines bio-mechanical instruction, strengthening, flexibility and balance to help you regain that athletic edge.

Lake Health will be the event sponsor for the Little Mountain event on July 17th, where Lake Health representatives will be “Honorary Starters for the Day.” Please plan for a special meet and greet at the first tee!

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