I registered to play, what’s next?

If you are new to tournament golf here are a few things that will help you get to get ready for your upcoming tournament.  Most of this applies to any tournament you play.

Tournament Prep Checklist:

  • Obtain your tee time as soon as it is posted.
  • NCJT posts tee times three days prior to tournament day.
  • Once tee times are posted a special tournament info box shows up on NCJT’s homepage, including: tee times, event details and leaderboard.
  • The NCJT Leaderboard will show live scoring for every player on every hole during the event.  It’s Live Scoring at its finest, a rare feature in the world of junior golf.
  • Once you understand the event and its details, please prepare your golf bag for play.  Make sure to have the following with you when you arrive at the event:
    • Clean Shoes and Clubs
    • 14 Clubs or less
    • Golf Balls (with your ID markings)
    • Fresh Gloves
    • Tees, Repair Tool, and Coins to Mark you Ball
    • Clean Towel
    • Distance Measuring Device
    • Water and Protein Snack
    • Rules of Golf booklet
    • NCJT Rules Card
    • Rainsuit
    • Umbrella
    • Longsleeve top like windbreaker
    • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Tournament Day
    • Wake from a good nights sleep
    • Enjoy a healthy breakfast
    • Check the weather to make sure you gear up properly
    • If its raining at your home don’t expect the event to be cancelled.  We have only had 6 rain-outs in 400+ events over 25 years.  It’s a very rare thing.
    • If we have to cancel we like to do so at least 1 hour prior to the first tee time.  Cancellation notices will be sent via; text, email and twitter.  Make sure your account info is correct so you will get notices like this.
    • Stay relaxed and form a game plan for your
    • Your game plan should be realistic and prep you for your mistakes.  (there will be mistakes, but don’t let them get you down).
    • Your plan should help you keep your emotions in check and allow you to focus on one shot at a time.
    • Arrive at the tournament site about 1 hour prior to your tee time to warmup and prep for play.  Here’s a list of things to do upon arrival:
      • 1st – go to registration tent and check-in
      • At check-in double check your tee time and starting tee
      • If you are unaware of where #1 or #10 is, please ask at check-in
      • Most course have a driving range and most will require going to the golf shop to obtain range balls
      • The range is a good place to warm-up
      • Time your range warmup so you are still warm at your starting time
      • Your warmup should also include putting and chipping
      • Time your warmup and walk time to be at your starting tee about 10 minutes prior to tee time
      • If you are late to the tee, a penalty of 2 strokes will apply and if you are more than 5 minutes late you will be Disqualified from the tournament
      • The player is fully responsible to make sure they are at their starting tee and ready to play at their assigned tee time
  • Please make sure your account information and profile is up-to-date before the season begins.  Important notices are sent via text and email, so you want to make sure your data in current.  Here’s how to edit your profile:
    • Login to your account (master account)
    • Under Your Account click Edit for edit the master account data
    • Under Junior Golfers you can edit your Junior Golfers profile
    • To change a junior golfers profile photo, go to the junior golfers Profile player under Membership or Tournaments, select your juniors name and you will see a change button where the profile photo should be

Once you have prepared yourself with the information included, we hope you will play well and enjoy you junior tour experience.  Make sure to meet your playing partners, fellow competitors and enjoy the spirit of being on NCJT.

Good luck on a great season!

The NCJT Committee

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