Osborne Junior Series Add-ons and Combining Divisions

There are couple of things to note about divisions and Osborne Junior Series (OJS) events based on field sizes.  When a division has fewer than 5 players it can’t be posted to the Junior Golf Scoreboard for world ranking purposes.  This can happen, because not all players enter the OJS events.  It could be because the add-on events are confusing or because they are not planning to build a college resume.  We offer the OJS add-ons so that our players can enhance their status in the junior golf world ranking that are kept by the Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS).  The JGS world rankings is the first place a college coach will go to look into a junior golfers playing record, so we offer these add-on events to assist our members in reaching their college golf goals.  If you are playing in the two single day events that make-up the OJS event, then you should consider the OJS add-on.  It’s only $10 to enter the add-on and it allows NCJT to post a 36 hole score to JGS.  Only 36 hole competitions are eligible to be posted to JGS and that’s the reason we offer it as an add-on.  Otherwise we would have to have all 36 hole events and no single day events, and that doesn’t work out well with most of our junior tour members.  So, having the option to do it both ways has been a plus for our tour and its membership.

In order to maximize field sizes for OJS events and meet all posting requires, we typically combine divisions into an overall boys and overall girls for posting purposes.  We still do awards/points based on your division as long as NCJT numbers are met there, but for posting to the Junior Golf Scoreboard for world ranking purposes and the AJGA for Stars, we post the Overall Boys and Overall Girls to maximize the field size to benefit all players.  In order to combine divisions to make a larger overall division we have to play different divisions on the same set of tees.  This usually occurs for Boys 14 and up, and all girls.  The Boys 13 and under will usually not be part of the same tee scenario due to course length and must rely on meeting the requires within its own division.

For example, both girl divisions will always play from the same tees for two reasons.  First, to be eligible for AJGA Stars girls must play at 5,500 yards or more.  Very few course offer two sets of tees for girls beyond 5,500 yards.  Second, for JGS postings the girls must have a minimum of 5 players in their division to be eligible for OJS posting.  Since not all girls enter the OJS events, we sometimes move up the younger girls so they can be part of an eligible field.

We hope this clears up some confusion created by having the OJS events and how divisions work out to benefit our membership.

The NCJT Committee


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