The NCJT Joe Haase Cup Team is Prepped and Ready!

The Joe Haase Cup will be held at Firestone CC on May 10th and it sounds like the NCJT team is ready to capture the Cup for the 6th time this year.  “We stack up well in most every match and I think we have the right mix of outstanding players in every division” says Tony Milam, NCJT Tour Director,  “A lot of our players finished well competitively during the fall golf season and I think we’ll see some outstanding play from some of those, that started peaking last fall, at next week’s Cup matches.  To win at match play, you have to be a gritty player capable of grinding hard at tough points in a match.  Our team is full of gritty grinding players, so I like our chances.”

The team spirit is strong too, a NCJT player found some valuable information on Firestone’s website and wanted us to share it will the rest of his teammates.  Please check out the FIRESTONE COURSE WALK  here.



Here’s the NCJT Joe Haase Cup Team Roster:   GOOD LUCK TEAM!

Rank Name Division
1 Brett Brown Boys 16-18
2 Owen Miklos Boys 16-18
3 Christopher Sloe Boys 16-18
4 Nolan Jurcago Boys 16-18
5 Gary Heath Boys 16-18
6 Anthony Julius Boys 16-18
7 Nick Scharf Boys 16-18
8 Kyle Horvath Boys 16-18
1 Cade Breitenstine Boys 14-15
2 Gunnar McCollins Boys 14-15
3 Ben Foltz Boys 14-15
4 Adam Marcus Boys 14-15
5 Jack Schroeder Boys 14-15
6 Nolan Laughlin Boys 14-15
7 Ryan Previte Boys 14-15
8 Jonathan Gole Boys 14-15
1 Maxwell Moldovan Boys 13&U
2 Thomas Wong Boys 13&U
1 Kaylee  Neumeister Girls 16-18
2 Reva Morris Girls 16-18
3 Samantha Cumley Girls 16-18
4 Karly Morell Girls 16-18
1 Jessica Hahn Girls 15&U
2 Avery Ovens Girls 15&U

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