JGS – Junior Golfer World Rankings

Six players on NCJT have already earned a Junior Golfer World Ranking directly from their play on NCJT. And two more NCJT players will earn their world ranking after the Tour Championship results are published.

These and many others, that play NCJT have earned their World Ranking status by playing on multiple tours to gain their ranking. To earn a Junior Golf Scoreboard (“JGS”) World Ranking a junior golfer must maintain a minimum on 4 JGS qualifying event on a rolling calendar year. JGS qualifying events can be any 36-hole competition that is listed on the JGS event calendar from any tour (nationwide). If you are close to a world ranking, you can look for additional events on the JSG event calendar. Sorry, but high school competition does not qualify for world rankings, but their are events after high school and in the early spring to gain that ranking status, search the Ohio tournament listing at JGS. For any player looking to play in college, especially at the division 1 level, a world ranking is vital to a player’s chances of getting recruited. Best of luck on the quest to play in college! We are here to help achieve that, with JGS tournaments and our College Golf info pages on NCJT.

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