Fall Update on NCJT Players

What an exciting fall for many NCJT players who have qualified for the Ohio High School State Championships.

Boys Division 1October 21-22 at Ohio State University Scarlet Course. Here are the top four teams that qualified and you can see in Bold all the players that have a playing history on NCJT.

1stSt. Ignatius *295
1.Connor Malicki 12394079
2.Nick Piesen 12353570
3.Bradley Chill 11353873
4.Julian Dugan 11383876
5.Michael O’Leary 12364076
Coach: PJ Myers
2ndShaker Hts. *327
1.Noah Rusnak 11433982
2.Quintin Garnett 11374380
3.Drew English 12434588
4.Alec Miller 11433679
5.Devan Bhatia 11464086
Coach: Paul Sampliner
3rdUniversity School *329
1.Ethan Roberts 10404282
2.Adam Sands 10434487
3.Sachin Singh 12 (2020 NCJT Classic Cup winner)444084
4.Jackson Pinney 10 (2022 NCJT Classic Cup winner)393978
5.Jackson Kubic 12454085
Coach: Mike Sarris
4thMentor *341
1.Louis LeGanke 12424082
2.Braedon Caldwell 12434386
3.Andrew Betz 11424082
4.Braedon Hudson 12474491
5.Joe Gaiters 12504292

Jackson Pinney (University School and NCJT Classic Cup winner) shot 78 at Quail Hollow to lead his team to a 3rd place finish. Alec Miller (Shaker Hts) lead his team to a 2nd place finish with a 79. Louis LeGanke (Mentor) and Andrew Betz (Mentor) shot 82 to lead the Mentor team to a 4th place finish and a chance at the state championship.

Also, in Division 1, the Rocky River team finished 1st at the Grey Hawk sectional and included three players with a NCJT playing history.

1stRocky River *328
1.Luke Dietrich 11414283
2.Nick Tianello 11443579
3.Dan Capka 11473885
4.Owen Toole 12424587
5.Wes Bennett 12414081

Max Weber (Nordonia) shot 85 and made the state championship with his team who finished 2nd at the Windmill Lakes sectional.

Boys Division 2 – October 14-15 at Ohio State University Scarlet Course. Here are the top three teams that qualified and you can see in Bold all the players & “a coach” that have a playing history on NCJT. Charlie Pollock (Chagrin Falls) was medalist at the Quail Hollow sectional and won by 4 strokes…wow (great playing)! Sven Nielsen (Chagrin Falls) 78, Ben Daher (NDCL) 79 and individual qualifier Jack Zeid (Hawken) 78 were all in the top 5 at the Quail Hollow sectional. Vince Vomberger (Hawken) 82 also qualified individually.

1stChagrin Falls *319
1.Sven Nielsen 11384078
2.Charlie Pollock 10373673
3.Dylan Glickman 12414889
4.Drew Mergenhagen 12453479
5.Gavin Stevens 12464490
Coach: Anne Caja
2ndNDCL *328
1.Ben Daher 12403979
2.Andreas Reider 11434386
3.Ryley Stefanek 12383977
4.Jack Alexander 11434386
5.Phillip Davidson 12454489
Coach: Toni DeSanto
3rdLake Catholic *336
1.Dominik Cosic 12394180
2.Marcus Berrios 12434184
3.Jimmy Hoose 11404383
4.Kyle Boyd 10454792
5.A.J. Trobenter 10464389
Coach: Robert Forrai

Boys Division 2 (Bunker Hill sectional) – Another great showing from the NCJT players. James O’Neil (Beachwood) and Dillion Fellinger (Orange) tied for medalist at 78. Charlie Tzefronis (Gilmour Academy) was one stroke back at 79 and lead the Gilmour team to 1st place in the sectional.

1stGilmour Academy *329
1.Aidan McKito 11444286
2.Charlie Tzefronis 11384179
3.Alex Mylen 12424082
4.Vince Giancola 12443882
5.Ryan Panzica 95156107
Coach: Andy Deehr
2ndOrange *342
1.Dillon Fellinger 12393978
2.Truman Williams 12494998
3.Gabriel Nemer 11474996
4.Max Eisenberg 11414788
5.Jayden Park 9413980

Girls – There was also some standout play in the Girls sectionals for players that have a playing history on NCJT. Kandace Kellon (Hathaway Brown) was medalist with 73 at the Old Avalon sectional. Gracyn Vidovic (Aurora) and Manisha Grin IAurora) shot 80’s to lead thier team at the Old Avalon sectional.

1stHathaway Brown *312.086000312
1.Dixon Hill 10364076
2.Kandace Kellon 12343973
3.Claire Hickey 12404383
4.Blake Cody 10384280
5.Hannah Weinberger 10424486
Coach: Ronald Jones
2ndAurora *340.094000340
1.Gracyn Vidovic 10404080
2.Manisha Girn 10374380
3.Nina Newkirk 11454590
4.Cameron Custer 12454590
5.Meena Kraus 10504494
Coach: George Snider

At the Girls Punderson sectional, we had plenty of NCJT representation at the top of the scoring. Ella Wong (Hawken) lead the way as medalist and enroute toward another state championship opportunity. Ella won the Division II State Championship in 2021 and will be the defending champion on October 14-15 at the Ohio State University (Gray Course).

1stIndependence *356
1.Molly McGreal 11414283
2.Hillary Esper 12464591
3.Emma Konopa 12464591
4.Bel Trombetta 10454893
5.Macey McGhee 10464591
Coach: Karl Schuld
2ndHawken *369
1.Ella Wong 12 (2021 State Champion & 3 time NCJT Classic Cup winner)393877
2.Kate Petersen 12 (2022 NCJT Classic Cup winner)434285
3.Helena Yanchar 115458112
4.Keira Chang 95353106
5.Lizzie Kent 125150101

Congratulations to all the NCJT State Championship qualifiers. Best of luck at the Championships!

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