Masters Week

Welcome to our Masters Week Update

The Masters is a tradition like no other! It means spring golf is here and Ohio tournament golf is right around the corner. At NCJT we honor Masters week with our annual fantasy golf contest, a tour discount and some tour updates. Enjoy Masters Week!

The Masters Pool

The Masters Pool for NCJT junior tour members is a great way to root on your favorite players while seeing your name on the big scoreboard. You pick 12 players and your top 8 count. Scoring is live, so the Masters style scoreboard changes on a hole-by-hole basis. Entry is FREE and we have tour prizes for the winners. Make sure your entry name is the same as your tour registration name. The contest is for NCJT tour members only.

Join Here: NCJT – 2021 MASTERS ……. Passcode: 817AA153PC

The Masters Discount

During Masters Week NCJT we are offering a $20 discount toward a tournament entry or the annual tour membership in case you haven’t joined yet. The discount will run through Sunday, April 11. Use discount code — masters21 at checkout for the discount.

The Joe Haase Cup Update

Team gear will be shipped to all NCJT team members around May 1st. Extra brunch tickets must be purchased in advance and the deadline is May 1st. Order tickets HERE.

Meet the 2021 NCJT Joe Haase Cup Team

Scoring Average sets Playing Position

RankDivisionFull NameScoring AVG
1Boys 17-19Dominik Cosic75.22
2Boys 17-19Joey Kubic76.38
3Boys 17-19William Fankhauser76.67
4Boys 17-19Wyatt Chapman78.56
5Boys 17-19Grant Mylen78.73
6Boys 17-19Tyler Schwenk82.79
1Boys 16 & UnderJames O’Neill81.88
2Boys 16 & UnderParker Barrett82.30
3Boys 16 & UnderJackson Kubic84.43
4Boys 16 & UnderDrew Torzok85.00
5Boys 16 & UnderEthan Roberts85.88
6Boys 16 & UnderIan Sullivan86.17
1Girls 19 & UnderElla Wong78.44
2Girls 19 & UnderLauren Bangasser80.83
3Girls 19 & UnderKandace Kellon88.00
4Girls 19 & UnderMattie Muckleroy89.50
5Girls 19 & UnderAubrie Rush90.00
6Girls 19 & UnderChloe Steger96.67

March Madness Pool

Alex Lavin will be the winner of the NCJT March Madness Pool no matter who wins the final game tonight! Congrats to Alex who will win a $65 tour credit (which will cover a NCJT tournament entry). Dominik Cosic finished 2nd.

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