NCJT Registration Opens Today

We are opening Membership registration for the 2020 season early and we are offering a early bird discount as well. The 2020 schedule is posted HERE and on the schedule page at To sign-up for membership and to take advantage of the early discount go HERE or the Membership Registration page. The Early Bird Discount will be available through February only. Please use Discount Code “2020early” when checking out to save $24 off the posted membership price.

If you are new, you’ll need to setup accounts first. SETUP a parent account first and then setup a junior account for each junior golfer under the parent account. Only the parent account can perform transactions for the junior golfers. Once your accounts are set, login to the parent account to register for membership and then use the schedule page to enter tournaments when ready.

We are excited for a great 2020 season and look forward to seeing you on tour!

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