The Skedaddlers at LMCC Earned Skittles for the Black Brook field

Today at Little Mountain CC our Skedaddlers earned Skittles for all players at Black Brook tomorrow.  Skittles for Skedaddlers is the Pace of Play reward program that pays out when the entire tournament field plays in under 4 hours.  Today we had saw the last Flagstick go in for a total time of 3 hours and 52 minutes for the last pairing in the field.  The 9:30 AM group (the last tee time) finished their 18th hole at 1:22 PM.  This is the first under 4 hour round this year and we’d like to congratulate the entire field at Little Mountain on the outstanding pace of play.  A good pace means a good rhythm, which means better scoring, and that’s exactly what we saw today.

The best part of Skittles for Skedaddlers day, may be listening to Starter John Rowland say “Skedaddlers”.  Quiz him tomorrow at the tee and you’re sure to get a good laugh.  Also, Black Brook players you’ll need to keep the pace rolling to earn more Skittles for the next event.  Good luck, we know you can do it!

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