World Ranking Junior Series – Sponsorship Opportunity

The tour would like to thank the Osborne family for helping us launch and sponsor the Osborne Junior Series that allowed our tour players to earn world ranking status on the Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS), which is one of the main sources that college coaches use to investigate potential recruits.


The late Jerry T. Osborne learned about the tour 6 years ago and his support allowed us to launch the junior series to help our juniors golfers earn scholarships to colleges around the country.  A special thanks goes out to the Osborne family for their generous support over the years which provided opportunities for so many junior golfers to achieve their dream of playing on a college golf team.  Unfortunately, they have elected not to renew their contract with the tour so the new title will be the “World Ranking Junior Series” until a new sponsor can be secured.

The North Coast Junior Tour has a strong network of support and we hope this sponsorship opportunity can be filled soon.  If any tour player helps us gain a new series sponsor they will earn a free membership and a credit toward 10 regular tournament entries.  Please have potential sponsors contact Mr. Milam at  Thank you for supporting junior golf!


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