One week until the Jim Dawson Match Play Qualifier

Jim Dawson Match Play

The qualifier for Jim Dawson Match Play Championship is only one week away.  So, here’s how it works:

  • The players score at the Lost Nation event (June 23) will be their qualifying score.
  • The player must register to play at Lost Nation to be eligible to register for the qualifier.
  • The qualifier entry is a separate add-on entry called: Qualifier – Jim Dawson Match Play
  • The deadline for the Lost Nation event is Thursday, June 16 (TOMORROW).
  • The deadline for the Qualifier is the June 22 at midnight (night before the qualifier).
  • Remember late entries are accepted for regular season events, but a $5 late fee is added.
  • Once you enter the Qualifier you DO NOT enter the actual Jim Dawson Match Play event, even after you qualify.  One entry does both the Qualifier and the Jim Dawson Match Play Championship.

This is the most fun event of the season so don’t miss out.  Caddies are permitted for this championship event.  Best of luck to all!

Qualifying scores will provide seeding for the bracket and if more players register than the number of bracket spots then the higher scores will be eliminated from the field.  If a player in the qualifier doesn’t not qualifier, a credit of $55 will be added to their account.  Once a player qualifies no other entry action is needed.  The qualifier entry fee is the full tournament entry fee.

If a bracket is not full after the qualifier, a bye will be used to fill out the bracket.   Byes may be filled after the qualifier and at anytime up until 6pm on June 27.  The bye seeds will be filled from lowest to highest.  If you have a bye in the first round after 6pm on June 27, you will not be assigned a tee time on Day 1, but you should arrive at the course and be ready to play by 10:30am on Day 1.

Some players are exempt from qualifying based on prior performance, as follows, and will be seeded in this order:

  1. 2015 Match Play – Champion
  2. 2015 Tour Championship – Champion
  3. 2015 Classic Cup – Champion
  4. 2015 Match Play – Runner-up
  5. 2015 Tour Championship – Runner-Up
  6. 2016 Classic Cup Point Leaders – Boys Top 3, Girls Leader (after Ohio Prestwick event)

All exempt players must register directly into the Jim Dawson Match Play event using the CODE: jimdawson.  Exempt players DO NOT the Qualifier only the championship itself.  No late entries are accepted and the deadline to claim the exemption is June 22 at midnight.

The Match Play bracket spots:

Boys 16-19:  16 Spots

Boys 14-15:  16 Spots

Boys 13&U:   8 Spots

Girls 19&U:  8 Spots

Agenda for the Single Elimination Tournament.  This is the full match schedule if the competitor continues to win.

Bracket of 16 – Competitors will play an AM match and a PM match each day

Bracket of 8 – Competitors will play an AM match and a PM match on Day 1, and a AM match on Day 2

Bracket of 4 – Competitors will play an AM match and a PM match on Day 1 Only

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