Welcome to Masters Week! Let’s Celebrate!

Masters Tournament

The Masters is the true sign “that spring is in the air” (maybe not in Cleveland quite yet), but it’s clearly the turning point to bring golf to the forefront.  During Masters week NCJT will host its annual Masters Golf Pool and all junior tour players are invited to play at No Charge.

The Masters Golf Pool will be part of our Major Golf Championship series of pools.  All pools are free to play and we offer prizes. (golf gear and winnings toward entry fees).  Open to NCJT members only.

NCJT Majors:

Pool ID – 40318      Password – ncjt18 

(NCJT Members Only)

This is a pick 6 player pool.  NCJT prizes for the winner!  This is also part of the NCJT Major Pool series.  Use the same login for all the golf Majors plus The Players.  Once the final field is set, usually by Monday of tournament week the selection page will open.  Remember to go back and make picks for each major as they come up.


  1. If you entered NCJT March Madness you can use the same login
  2. If new, Join Here and create a New username and password
  3. Select a Team Name and Join Pool
  4. Make your picks
  5. Once tournament begins watch the Leaderboard

It’s that easy and lots of fun to root for your favorite players.

Pool Rules:

  • Pick 6, count 5 (new for 2016)
  • Total strokes
  • Bonus for 1st only

Prizes will be announced based on the pool’s field size.  Enjoy Masters Week!

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