Event Deadlines changed to 7 days prior!

In the past event deadlines have been 2 weeks prior to the event day.  The new tournament management system allows us to work more effectively to prepare the tournament and tee times, which will allow us to change regular season tournament deadlines to 7 days prior to event day.  Also, we will not be charging late entry fees for the first two weeks of the season to allow everyone to get use to the new event entry system.

In the past we had a late entry fee charge of $5 for entry’s accepted after the tournament deadline.  This year we are changing to pre-deadline discount instead, which virtually does the same thing.  The pre-deadline discount will begin in the third week of the regular season (Lake Forest & Ohio Prestwick).  The pre-deadline fee will be $55 per event ($60 less an automatic $5 discount upon checkout).  After the deadline the automatic discount will end and the entry fee will be $60.

If you’re not a follower of our Tour News, you could easily miss important tour news like this.  All follows get an automatic email anytime we post a new tour news item.  Look for the Follow button above in the black bar and get signed up!

We’ll see you on Tour soon!


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