March Madness is ON!

Please join our 2nd Annual NCJT March Madness Basketball Pool.  It’s time to get your basketball juices flowing!  Please help spread the word, we only have until midday on Thursday until the Madness begins!

All 2013 & 2014 Tour Members are eligible!

Here are the details:

  1. No Entry Fee Required (One Bracket per player)
  2. Prizes will be announced based on number of entries (win tournament entries and golf merchandise)
  3. Click on Final Four Logo to get started or HERE  2014NCAAFinalFourLogo
  4. Pool Name: NCJT        Password:  Leave Blank      Click “Go Update Entries”
  5. If you get the Women’s NCAA notice, click “Go to Entry-Net”
  6. Select “Create Entry Name” , then Click GO
  7. Use your Junior Tour Member name to be official, Click ADD when done
  8. Voila… your Bracket appears and it’s ready for your pick.  Click on team name to advance it!
  9. Type #1 in Entry Number box and make sure to pick Tie Breaker in box two
  10. Complete Bracket and hit Submit…that’s it, you’re in!
  11. The Pool Reports and Tourney Trash (message board) make the pool super fun!  So, make sure to start checking back after Thursday’s 1st Round to get up-to-date on points and stats.
  12. The pool closes at 12:15pm on Thursday 3/20/2014

Best of Luck! 


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