Tour School is LIVE! Go to Registration tab to find link!

Our new Tour School is live and ready to go!   The school is designed to help all golfers with their pursuit to improve their knowledge of the game, while capturing its true spirit.  The school will help you get better acquainted with the tour and its policies, and then you’ll be taken through an in-depth look into the rules of golf.  Parents are encouraged to help young golfers with the school materials and the quiz at the end.  Upon completion of the school and its quiz, golfer’s earn the Certified Tour Player status.  The course outline can also be used as a quick reference guide to navigate to any topic within the course with a single click.  Also remember that new topics will be continuously added to the course.  When new topics are added, we’ll post those to an update history calendar.  To enter Tour School, go to the Registration page and click on the Red button for New Member’s Only (certification) or the Blue button for all others.

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