Jim Dawson Match Play Qualifier at Manakiki June 16th

There is always come confusion with the match play qualifier and we’d like to explain it in detail here. The Jim Dawson Match Play will be held on June 23-24 at Punderson and there are three ways to enter the event. Please do not enter more than one of these options. Only one is needed to be entered into the bracket.

  1. The recommended method – If you are playing at Manakiki on June 16th, then you should also enter the June 16th Qualifier – Jim Dawson Match Play. This way your score at Manakiki becomes your qualifying score for seeding you into the match play bracket. If you can’t play at Manakiki, then go to the #3 option.
  2. The second method is for Exempt players only. A list of exempt players can be found on the Jim Dawson Match Play info page. If you are exempt, then you can enter directly into the event. To enter straight into the event you’ll be ask to enter a code, the purpose of the code is to make sure you have read the tournament details and understand your exemption and the deadline to accept by. The code is ‘jimdawson” for those exempt players.
  3. The third method will become available after the qualifier. Once the qualifier is complete and exemptions are accepted, any remaining spots in the bracket can be taken by new entries. We will begin accepting new entries starting June 17th and those entries will need to register straight into the Jim Dawson Match Play event and you’ll need to use the code “jimdawson” to register. Seeds will be assigned according to first come first serve (not your Manakiki score if you happened to have played there).

The Jim Dawson Match Play is always one of the most prestigious events on tour to win. Caddies are permitted (however this year we will not be doing the caddie bibs, due to Coronavirus safety). The normal trophies for this Championship will be awarded on site at the conclusion of the final matches.

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