NCJT Season Kickoff News

We are excited to announce that the 2020 junior tour season will kick-off on June 10th at Punderson.  We had a huge response to the member survey and there was overwhelming support for us to begin tournament golf.  Preparing for this season will be much different than any other over our 29 year history, but we really love junior golf and want to make it happen.  Here’s a list of things we would like to introduce to make this season a success:

  1. New Tournament guidelines – focused on combining safety with reasonable and common sense policies for players and spectators while still operating high quality tournament golf.  These guidelines are still being worked out and will be introduced prior to our opening event.
  2. The current state of the economy will make it difficult financially for many of our tour families and the tour itself, so we are making some modifications to help on that regard.  Usually the tour membership includes a nice players package and at our events we typically do meal tickets after golf so players can gather and share in the clubhouse portion of the spirit of the game.  Unfortunately, the latter is not feasible under the current social distancing guidelines and we plan to eliminate both of those costs to support our mission.  The Mission will be to help tour families that need financial assistance with tournament costs and the tour itself.  NCJT survives financially from corporate sponsors and private family donations, both have been very generous in the past.  However, this year our support will be down with the economic downturn and that is the reason we’d like to expand our support.  Here are the ways to get support as a player or to support the mission:
    1. If you are a family in need, please contact Tony Milam at to discuss how we can help. We don’t want any junior to miss out on playing due to this crisis, so please feel free to reach out for your player. We want to help!
    2. We will be offering a $25 credit for all members for the cancellation of the player’s membership packet, please feel free to request the credit if it will help your player enter more events, email .  If you don’t request it, then you are supporting the mission.  Thank You!
    3. Private donations are always welcome.  If you are able to help, please do so with this LINK.
    4. At most of the events we pay a small cost for the food and beverage that will not be utilized this season, and all of the money will go toward the financial support of the mission.
    5. Another way to support the mission is to signup for the Junior-4AM at Sand Ridge on Thursday, June 9th. A foursome of amateurs get to play with one of our top juniors and the processes go toward our Denny Spaulding Scholarship Fund. The scholarships from the fund are eligible too any NCJT player that applies and the winners are announced at the Jr-4AM event. Scholarship applications and full tournament information can be found HERE.

Overall the big news is we are teeing-it-up for tournament golf this summer and everyone can begin to register for tournaments and tour membership once again.  We wish you and your family safe health during these troubled times and look forward to seeing everyone on tour soon!  Thank you for your support!

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