Pace of Play was under the 4 hour mark today!

Skittles for all Skedaddlers!

On NCJT , we have a thing where anytime our final group is able to beat the 4 hour mark we reward everyone at the next event with Skittles (a popular treat). We call it Skittles for the Skedaddlers!

Today at Punderson on last pairing finished in 3 hours and 56 minutes. The group to thank included Madeleine Bee, Tyler Gliba and Sophia Ripepi. Congratulations to the entire field today, because condition didn’t lend to a fast pace today. The course was very wet from yesterday’s heavy rains. The balls were plugging and it was difficult to find balls in the rough. We also had to play Lift, Clean and Place (which also slows play). But none of this stopped the successful march today. Breaking the 4 hour mark was an incredible feat and we’ll celebrate at the Signature of Solon event on Thursday with a pack of Skitttles for all participants.

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