The Skedaddlers earned more Skittles at Shaker today!


The last flagstick in the 18th hole today by the final pairing (The Mohicans) was a 3 hour and 54 minute round.  Our Skittles for Skedaddlers program kicks in whenever we achieve last-flag-in under 4 hours.  This means the entire field ahead of the last group had to play at least as fast as they did.  So, plan on getting Skittles at Madison on Thursday.

Shaker really did itself a favor by cutting down the high fescue grass.  In years past our last-flag-in was always more than 4 hours and 30 minutes at Shaker.  Without the high fescue causing long ball searches, play is now able to move along at a good pace.  Thumbs up to Shaker Heights CC!

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