NCJT Tournament DEADLINES start June 1st

In order to prepare our tournaments, we must have a good player count 7 days prior to the event.  This helps us provide good numbers to the host facilities for tee times and, food and beverage needs.

To encourage early registration we impose a late fee of $5 for all entries submitted after the 7 day prior to the event date.  The exception will be the first week at Lost Nation and Gleneagles, we set those late fees to begin after June 1 since it’s the first week and most folks haven’t gotten in the tournament golf groove just yet.  We accept entries until approximately 6pm the day before event day.

Tournament Withdrawals (WD) work in a similar manner.  If you WD 7 days prior to the tournament day, you will receive a full refund.  If you WD within 7 days prior to the event you receive a full refund less a $5 late WD fee, if it’s within 3 days of the event it’s a $10 late WD fee.  To WD you must send an email to  There is no online system to WD.  Your email time stamp will determine the late WD fee if there is one.  A credit for WD will be applied to your NCJT account and that credit will automatically apply to your next NCJT checkout.

Plan ahead and you can avoid all the late fees.  The tour goes into full swing next week, so get your entries in!

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