Joe Haase Cup Team – Ready to Win the Cup!

The NCJT Joe Haase Cup team has been finalized.  The team was formed based on the 2017 Classic Cup points.  The final playing position is then determined by the players 2017 average score for the season.

Meet the team!

Boys 17-19

Spot Name
1 Arya Achar
2 Dylan Fitchet
3 Emmett Weil
4 Bentley Stover
5 Adam Marcus
6 Scott Hill
7 Nathan Strack

Boys 15 & Under

1 Danny Milo
2 Aditya Achar
3 Antonio Bodziony
4 Colton Levey
5 Samuel Marciano
6 Ryan Green
7 Connor Gdovin

Girls 19 & Under

1 Nora Nelson
2 Laine Hursh
3 Virginia Travers
4 Olivia Zampedro

The event will be played at Firestone CC on Sunday, May 13.  Best of luck to the NCJT team…let’s win the cup in 18!

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