Pace of Play record set at Punderson! Reward Announced!


Anytime we have a tournament finish in under 4 hours we want to recognize this achievement and reward our tour players.  At the Punderson tournament yesterday the last group in the pairings (Isabelle Robertson and Emily Green; AKA “the Mohicans” the last group label for fun reasons) finished there 18th hole at 3 hours and 46 minutes.  Congratulations to the entire field for getting into a good rhythm and making it a great day for all fellow competitors.

As a reward, we will have a special treat for all players at the next event (Tanglewood).  The treat will be handed out at your starting tee on Tuesday.  Anytime we beat the 4 hour mark we’ll celebrate with a special treat for everyone at the next event.

For your information, our fastest pace recorded at a NCJT event was in 2014 at Pine Ridge when we saw last flagstick in at 3 hours and 38 minutes.  We have had a total of 3 under four hour tournaments over the last 3 years.  A good pace is accomplished when players practice good procedures, some of which are listed below.  These procedures along with the other etiquette traits recommended in the Rules of Golf booklet are big factors in adding to the Spirit of The Game, which we promote at a high-level at NCJT events:

  • Getting to your ball quickly and efficiently (walking wide, but stopping during shots)
  • Watching everyone’s golf ball and marking errant one’s to shorten search times
  • Getting the first batter on the tee without scoring first, the last batter can score while others hit
  • Scoring should always be done during your down time, like when others are teeing off (avoid scorecard huddles)
  • Preparing your thoughts for your next stroke as you approach your ball
  • Playing provisional balls when your ball may be lost outside a water hazard or OB
  • Placing golf bags in the most efficient spot at greens, for quick arrival to the putting green and departure to next tee

When all players are practicing good pace and playing procedures everyone in the entire field can feel a unique presences of the Spirit of The Game!  When players drag down the field it has the opposite effect on the Spirit of The Game.  So make sure your are ready to do your part anytime you play golf.

Thanks and Congrats to the Tour Players!

The NCJT Committee

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