Match Play has open spots!


Punderson on July 9 & 10 

Entries are now being accepted for the open spots in the Jim Dawson Match Play bracket.  All qualifiers made the match play field and will be seeded based on qualifying position.  There are still open spots for anyone else who would like to play in the championship.  Each age division has a certain number of spots still available in the bracket.  Those spots will be filled by new entries on a first come basis.  To claim a spot in the match play bracket, signup directly into the Jim Dawson Match Play event at this point, not the qualifier.  Here’s the list of open spots by division:
Open Spots in the bracket:
Boys 16-19 – 5 spots  (16 player bracket)
Boys 14-15 – 3 spots (8 player bracket)
Boys 13&U – 4 spots (8 player bracket)
Girls            – 2 spots (8 player bracket)

Spots will remain open until filled or the open spot will become a BYE for the seeded opponent after Tuesday, July 7.  If you have questions contact Mr. Milam directly.

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