Late Fee Increase for last 3 events – $20 penalty!

We will be making a change to our late fee program for the last three events due to the heavy load of late entries we are receiving lately.  Everyone should know by now that, instead of a late fee, our new system only allows us to give an early entry discount instead.  After the deadline has passed (7 days prior) the early entry discount ends and the new cost of entry equals the standard entry plus the late fee.  Example – Entry of $55 is computed as $60 and $5 early entry discount.  If late, the entry is $60.

For next week and the Tour Championship the early entry discount will be $20, however we are extending the early entry discount to 3 days prior to the events instead of 7 days, see schedule below:

Fowler’s Mill – Saturday, July 19 is the last day to receive the Early Entry Discount

Legend Lake – Monday, July 21 is the last day to receive the Early Entry Discount

Tour Championship – Friday, July 25 is the last day to receive the Early Entry Discount

Please Note: Missing these deadlines will cost an extra $20, so please get those entries in on time.  Also, no entries will be allowed the day before any of the last three events, mentioned above.

Most golf tournament associations do not give the kind of leeway we do with late entries, hard deadlines are final deadlines for the majority of tours on par with NCJT.  Late entries affect us in many ways, such as; a good count for the hosting courses to meet our food & beverage needs, protection of the tournament block within their tee time schedule, it causes adjustments to our tee time schedule too, and requires constant attention by the staff to accommodate all the late comers.

Other Notes:

The Tour Championship is a little over a week away, so please process your entry early for this premiere event.  If you’re close to the cut and wish to play, you should enter.  Some of the qualified players have national events that week and that opens spots for alternates near the cut line.  If you end up not making the field, then we’ll do a direct refund back onto your credit card.  Event winners in any age division are automatically exempt.  The remainder of the field will be determined by the points.

Field Make-up: UPDATED 7/16/2014

  • Boys 16-19:  24 players
  • Boys 14-15:  18 players
  • Boys 13&U:   15 players
  • Girls 19&U:   15 players

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