NCJT Tour News at Mid-Season!

Jim Dawson Match Play Championship – Caddies are permitted!

Entries for the Jim Dawson Match Play Championship close at midnight on Sunday, June 29.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED, this is a hard deadline.  If you enter the Shaker Heights event and the Match Play qualifier (you must enter both), then your 18 hole score at Shaker Heights will be your official qualifying score for the match play.  If you qualify then your score will be used to seed you into the match play bracket (like March Madness).  The match play championship will be held on July 10 & 11 at Punderson.  The Tournament Information page covers the details of how many matches you play each day, providing you continue to win matches.  The match play is a single elimination tournament.


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Live Scoring – Help Needed!

Our new tournament system has an easy way to do live scoring from the golf course during the competition.  We were able to provide that service at the first couple of events and it was well received by the parents and grandparents that follow our tour.  Currently we are short on volunteers to input the live scores from the course, so we are hoping our members could help spread the word that we are looking for volunteers to help get this service back online.  Even beyond live scoring we have many other on-course tournament activities we like to perform to enhance the overall tour experience and volunteers are always welcome to join us at anytime.  Anyone interested in helping should contact Mr. Milam, by phone at 440-357-6258 or by email at  Thank You!


Sand Ridge Junior Invitational – Caddies are Permitted!

This is a premiere event of the tour and did you know that about 75% of the NCJT membership is eligibile to play in the event.  Member eligibility is listed below:

NCJT Eligibility is based on the Classic Cup points from 2013 or thru July 2, 2014.  Also, anyone who has ever played in the Joe Haase Cup is eligible. If you meet the qualifying criteria for either year then you are qualified.  No official invite will be sent, just go ahead and register to play, and your entry will be accepted.

Boys 16-19:  Top 30

Boys 14-15:  Top 20

Boys 13&U:  Top 15

Girls 16-19:  Top 10

Girls 15&U:  Top 5

Click here to view the Official – ENTRY FORM


Did you know you can earn double points at Osborne Junior Series events?

If you want to earn a spot in the Tour Championship or on the Joe Haase Cup team, then you want to consider playing in more Osborne Junior Series events.  Classic Cup Points are doubled for all OJS events.  Play the series and earn more points!  The Firecracker is next week are you signed up?


Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Osborne!

Mr. Jerome T. Osborne, Sr., age 92, of Mentor, passed away on Saturday, June 21.

He has been a good friend and supporter of greater Cleveland’s youth for many years.  He is a good friend and supporter of the golfing members of the North Coast Junior Golf Tour and sponsors the annual Osborne Junior Series.  Mr. Osborne had a remarkable life and will be greatly missed in our community!  See his Obituary HERE.

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