Classic Cup Points are updated through Gleneagles!

The Classic Cup Points determine player eligibility for championship and invitational events.  Most people don’t seem to know that based on the points about 75% of the NCJT member’s are eligible for the Sand Ridge Junior Invitational.  And those that are eligible should submit an entry if they want to play one of the best courses in the state of Ohio.  To determine eligibility for events, please visit one of the following:

  • The event information page, click More Details on the Tournament schedule.
  • Visit Tour Manual under Membership – a recap can be found on that page.
  • Also, you can download the Tour Manual pdf and eligibility can be found there too!

Here’s what you will find on the Sand Ridge Tournament Information page:

NCJT Eligibility is based on the Classic Cup points from 2013 or thru July 2, 2014.  If you meet the qualifying criteria for either year then you are qualified.  No official invite will be sent, just go ahead and register to play, and your entry will be accepted.
Boys 16-19:  Top 30
Boys 14-15:  Top 20
Boys 13&U:  Top 5
Girls 16-19:  Top 10
Girls 15&U:  Top 5

To learn more about the points system, visit the Tour Manual.  Did you know all OJS events have double points and double bonus points?

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