Pace of Play records being set all year!

Congratulations to all tour players for an incredible season on Pace of Play.  We are see numbers that most golf associations only dream about.  We have had 3 events where the flag in time on #18 has been less than 4 hours for the Mohicans (the last group in the field).  The fastest round every recorded on tour happened this year at Pine Ridge (3 hours and 38 minutes for the Mohicans) …we’re pretty sure that no other golf association can claim a record even close to that one.

In order to set these type of records it requires 100% of the players to do their part.  Some of the keys that we are observing have been getting to the ball in a quick and effective manner, a fast evaluation of the shot at hand, decisive club selection for execution, minimal if any practice swings prior to playing the shot (most pro’s don’t take practice swings, why not follow the pros), placing golf bags around the greens correctly (between the hole and next teeing ground is optimal) and scoring without stopping play (meaning no scoring huddles).  Also, we are doing a great job of playing Provisional Balls when we think a ball may be lost or out-of-bounds.  All of these help play move faster and it keeps everyone in rhythm, which is a big key to playing better.

We should also give a little credit to the committee.  The committee has been able to identify and assist promptly, whenever a slow down has occurred.  The committee’s use of our pace of play monitoring system and our pace adjustment techniques have been extremely effective this season.

Great Job To All …let’s keep it moving!  We are way ahead of the USGA’s “While We’re Young” campaign!

Here are some of our records this season, without suspensions of play!

Manakiki: Goal – 4:30 (h:m) *** Actual – 4:20 (h:m)

Gleneagles: Goal – 4:30 *** Actual – 4:08

Pleasant Hill: Goal – 4:18 *** Actual – 3:51

Pine Ridge: Goal – 4:14 *** Actual – 3:38 (Tour Record)

Tanglewood: Goal – 4:30 *** Actual – 4:28

Sand Ridge (Day 2): Goal – 4:40 *** Actual – 4:24

Lost Nation: Goal – 4:20 *** Actual – 3:40

Fowler’s Mill: Goal – 4:30  *** Actual – 4:24


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