Things to know about Tournament Entries!

Online Entries

  • Go to the Players information page to start an entry.
  • Only click the “Confirm Your Selection” button ONCE or you create multiple entries.
  • If you see multiple entries under your name, do not use the “Withdrawal Me…” button.
  • Multiple entries are delete by the committee when we reconcile payments to entries.

Mail-In Entries

  • There is no entry form booklet for 2011, just print the 2011 Entry Form and submit with payment
  • Download and print the PDF Entry Form, found on any Event Information page.
  • If your entry is not received by the deadline date (2 weeks prior), please include the $5 late fee. We do not control the mail, so plan ahead!
  • If your entry status is “Pending”, that means you have an issue to resolve with your entry.
  • Pending status – if you are uncertain, please contact the tour office by email, it’s usually a late entry fee due or something you should be aware of.

For Tournament Entry Details – please visit the online FAQ or the Membership Brochure!

The best way to keep up with all the latest happenings is to visit the Tour News page.
Good Luck on a Great Season!

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