Tour Sponsorship & Member Referral Program

Help the tour and you receive a free Tour Membership!

To meet our financial goals the tour relies upon sponsorship support. Sponsors will have their logo posted at all events and on our website for all to see, time and time again. As you can imagine it would be very difficult for us to spread the word on our own, so we kindly ask for the support of our members. If each member can take just a couple of minutes to forward our attached sponsorship package to a minimum of two potential sponsors, asking them for support, then we could easily develop a strong sponsor base for the upcoming season and for year to come.

Anytime you get a sponsor, you benefit from the sponsor referral program. When you refer a Gold or Premier sponsor you earn a free tour membership for the upcoming season. We take Sponsors anytime, but prior to June 1 gets them the best results from their sponsorship. Thank you for your support! Here’s our 2011 Sponsorship Flyer to send out.

Sponsor Programs – 2011


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